Erotically Undone: 6 Weeks Into Further Embodiment + Pleasure 


The erotic woman is in deep connection with her body. It is here where she cultivates the skill of lust + wanting. Savoring the potent energy that exists before fulfillment touches her lips. 


She finds confidence in her worth without the exclusion of others. Reveling in the expression of each + everyone’s desires. She is rich with curiosity for the new, the strange, the fun + the edgy...


How do we step into our more fully expressed erotic self? 

That wild, vibrant, woman inside of you.


It begins here with our bodies + the attention to what gives us pleasure.

Our eroticism requires nourishment, patience + attention to fully flourish


If we spend all our days in front of the laptop, being a boss in the boardroom, wiping up baby food, or netflixing… We may find it more challenging to ignite our sexual fire.

Perhaps you get stuck in your head in sex, struggle with answering the question “what do you want in bed”, or have no desire for sex all together...

 Queen... pleasure is your BIRTHRIGHT. 👑

Are you ready to explore how good you can really feel?

Erotically Undone intimate + immersive 6 week container is intended to lead you further into your embodiment + pleasure potential. We will explore principles of psychology, erotic embodiment, sex, seduction, + pleasure to help you unlock that wild, vibrant, womxn inside of you.

 It would be an honor to guide you through this erotic initiation.

How to know if Erotically Undone is right for you:

  You’re ready for THE BEST SEX of your life. Period. (And paradigm-shifting orgasms.)

 You're tired of feeling stagnant + know it's the right time to finally blast through the resistance + fears around sexuality. 

 Disconnected from sex entirely? Here you will discover your unique erotic map + what feels good for you. (Not for other people.)

 You desire to feel fully confident in your body. You imagine yourself oozing potent sexual + seductive energy.

 You're craving to expand your skills in the bedroom. (Whether that's solo or with a lover.)

 You’re ready to undo the shaming cultural conditioning around sex to rewrite the story of your erotic liberation.

Now, if you find yourself repeating the mantra: “I just don’t have the time!” I hear you now more than ever. And listen, I value efficiency + realistic practices more than anyoneee

I’m an entrepreneur of my own company and recovering “type A” personality- Your girl can’t tolerate a bunch of woo + a waste of time! (Maybe you can relate.)

That’s why I’ve given you the exact practices I do, and it really doesn’t have to take that much time. But it does take dedication. And that’s why I am here to support you.
We journey through an immersive + interactive experience together LIVE for 6 weeks. Here's what is in store:

✓  Three LIVE calls with myself + your erotic community to help you stay the path to erotic liberation.
✓  Private WhatsApp group with support + material for the duration of the program. 
✓ Juicy pre-recorded videos exploring how to nourish the Highly Erotic womxn you know is within you. 
✓ Exercises of de-armouring to unlock tension, expand your sensation, + reconnect with your 🐱
 Strategies for seduction(Seduce yourself OR your lover.)
 Somatic practices for listening + deepening the understanding of your body.
✓ Real life examples of healthy communication around sex + boundaries.
✓ Exclusive music playlists that will turn you on + drop you in.

Erotically Undone

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***This program is trauma-informed + utilizes information from trauma psychology to help you build the foundation necessary for coming back into the body. This is not therapy nor should it replace therapy or any medical treatment currently being taken. If there is questions or concern, please reach out to Dr Cat here

Hi Kittens, I'm Cat 👋🏽

 I wasn’t always connected to my sexuality like you see me now. 

Having experienced sexual trauma, shaming cultural programming around sex, + deep relationships with depression + disordered eating left no room for healthy relationships with my body or with others. Touch was aversive. Desire for sex was non-existant. My voice was silent. My power, unknown.

I deeply wanted to be one of those women who were confident in their body + liberated in their sexual expression. I just didn’t know how to get there, myself. Maybe you can relate? 

Deciding that I didn’t want to continue a life of protection + fear, I leaned into the discomfort + sought out direction from those I deemed masters of eroticism.

It was here that my journey to reclaiming my body + developing a relationship with myself as a sensual, sexual, being began.


I’m THRILLED to be sharing with you my secrets on igniting your erotic power.

In this 6 week container, we will explore principles of psychology, erotic embodiment, sex, seduction, + pleasure to help you unlock that wild, vibrant, woman inside of you. This program has all my years of research in the field of sex psychology, true trial + error, raw conversations with clients, + the depths of my own heart’s journey. I hope you’ll join me + all the other passion-seeking women for this immersive + expanding experience. I’ll be right with you to support you along the path. 

In love + play,

Cat 🖤

Leading you further into your embodiment + pleasure potential means that you'll also receive:

Your unique Erotic Map identifying what’s breaking or activating your sexual turn on. 


Guidance on how to make sex with a lover SACRED, WILD, or KINKY.
→ Breast massage  + pussy massage for greater activation of your heart space. (And orgasms.)


 Journal prompts to become crystal clear on your sexual desires, your limits + your fantasies.
→ Healing audio guides for authentic body-love and overcoming struggles with body image.
Experiential activities that introduce you to the embodiment of concepts like eroticism, surrender, energetic polarity, + more.
Lists of my absolute favorite sex toys + pleasure products.
Tricks on identifying + blasting through resistance.


And just like good sex takes time, YOU get to take your time with this program.

It is YOUR’S for a lifetime!

"The activities and information in this course really helped me to challenge my chronic pain and take away the idea of euthanize myself. Eight years of chronic pain MELTED AWAY into a state of JOY and EXCITEMENT in the course of two weeks, this is the closest I have ever been to live a MIRACLE yet. The course material was accessible and easy to grasp and understand..."
“It was a FUCK YES in my body from the start and I’m so incredibly grateful that I listened to my intuition on this one and signed up. To be able to witness the sheer rawness, vulnerability, and deep connection that ensued between all of us was such a blessing that I will forever cherish in the depths of my womb.”

"Empowered. Wild, Sexy. Sensual."

"The experience took me to a space of rawness and vulnerability. The community and sisterhood was something I didn't realize I was craving for. It’s seriously so therapeutic."


6 weeks of erotic play together...

Here's a breakdown of what's in store

Week 1: Erotic Codes + Body Reclamation

The Eight Habits of the Highly Erotic

The Journey of Body Love

Sexual Shame Transmutation

Somatic skills for listening to your body’s needs

Breast Massage 

Cultivating the skill of desire in the body

Pussy Breathing

Blocks to Body Connection


Week 2: Erotic Map + Fantasy

Learn how desire is formed in our body + what may be blocking it

Identify your unique erotic blueprint + what you need to feel satiated

Explore the contextual makeup of your fantasies 

Erotic Archetypes + Women in Herstory

Discover erotic inspiration to tap into your erotic self

Blasting Through Resistance


Week 3: Self As Your Best Lover

On being desired: Knowing your worth + falling in love with YOU


The Art of Surrender: Rituals of surrendering into your fullest expression

Body celebration

Self Worship Rituals

Seduce Yourself 

Pleasure Yourself 

Luxury Lifestyle

Week 4: Energetics + Polarity

Igniting desire, longing + anticipation

Sexual Polarity: To create erotic attraction

Balancing fiery chemistry + emotional connection for long term relationships

Polarity through a trauma lens

Building Chemistry starts with you

Captivate: Learn how to capture attention + hold others in thrall

The art of seduction: Igniting + sustaining intense attraction



Week 5: The Pleasure Artist

Becoming a SEX QUEEN starts with your 🐱

Vaginal Mapping + dearmoring

Circular breathing for Valley Orgasms

Practice for cervical + g-spot orgasms

Best Sex with yourself 

3 keys for mastering sexual energetics

Touch - tips on touching your clitoris + pussy

Toys + Body positions for EPIC sex

Partnered sex that's Kinky, Sacred, or WILD


Week 6: Voice Activation

Sound as Activation: Healthy Communication + getting what you want in sex

Creating a Safe container 

Communicating your desires + fantasies

Owning your sexual voice

Be a boundary badass: The art of negotiation + not self-sacrificing

Sex After Trauma

Keeping Consent Sexy

Sessions for play + exploration 




"...And I honestly we had the most powerful sexual experience we’ve had in a loonng time. I’ve been going through a journey of being pressty sexually blocked.. And going on a journey to become cracked open and that’s exactly what happened. Muli orgams, out of body, shakes, shivers, so many tears. Thank you thank you thank you sister for the exact nudge I needed."

"This experience has helped me process & heal old sexual traumas."

"It was so good. Across the board incredible. Cat holds such a safe space with gentle humor and permission to do whatever you need to do. Every woman do yourself a huge favor. This is hands down the best thing you can do for yourself. She makes magic in that space."

"It’s unlike anything around. Full releasing of feminine energy and really getting into your body. Transported to a place of pure love and intuition. You come out feeling warm and inspired and happy. Thank you Cat.You are beautiful and amazing. Thank you to bringing on so many more so women can get into their bodies and feel great."


Erotically Undone is an interactive + immersive experience that we journey through together as community.

Throughout the 6 weeks prepare for:

Three LIVE calls with myself and our Highly Erotic like-minded community. 

Private Whatsapp group with support + material for the duration of the program. 

Juicy pre-recorded videos on practices for nourishing your eroticism.

Breast massage  + pussy massage for greater activation of your heart space. (And orgasms.)

De-armouring to unlock tension, expand your sensation, + reconnect with your 🐱

Somatic practices for listening + deepening the understanding of your body.

Journal prompts to gain insight on who you are as a sexual being.

Practices for embodying surrender + receptivity for more passionate sex.

Tricks on identifying + blasting through resistance.

Guidance on  having the best sex with yourself.

Step by step on how to make sex with a lover SACRED, WILD, or KINKY.

Lists of my absolute favorite sex toys + pleasure products.

Playful music playlists to ignite your inner seducer.

★★★BONUS: Yoga classes to open your body, heart, + mind for greater flow of sexual energy + orgasm

Erotically Undone

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About Your Guide: 

Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD, LMFT is a licensed relationship therapist #88224, sex therapist, yoga instructor, and international speaker dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality and our bodies. She is the founder of, an online platform integrating various schools of thought including science, tantra, body movement, and psychology designed to help people create a deeply fulfilling, prosperous relational and sexual life. As an expert and published researcher on the topic of sexual health, Dr. Cat sees clients in her private practice office in Beverly Hills and leads workshops, lectures, and retreats internationally. Dr. Cat is the host of the podcast, Eat.Play.Sex, co-founder of Un.done women’s sensual yoga experience, and co-creator of Goddess Celebration. To learn more about her work, visit her at her website or Instagram.


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