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Sensual Awakening - 14 day immersion with Dr Cat

Jump start that sensual, embodied lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about… In this 14 day initiation, I give you my best guidance on breaking into the lifestyle of sensuality.  You may have gotten a glimpse into your sensual essence before... Maybe you’ve felt her flames,  her power, her puuuurr and didn’t exactly know how to hold her.  Babe… Let’s make sensuality a baseline for your life.  If you are craving a lifestyle of greater ease and sensuality in the body, these two weeks will transform your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body. This isn’t just some fluffy course, either. We are diving into the science of why your nervous system may be unable to fully RELAX and how that connects to your pleasure. You will receive tools and prompts for self-regulation and embodiment. You will be connected with womxn on the same journey.     Now, if you find yourself repeating the mantra: “I just don’t have the time!” I empathize. As a recovering type A personality + entrepreneur of her own company, I too, want efficiency + realistic practices that aren’t just a bunch of woo + a waste of my time + money.  That’s why I’ve given you the exact practices I do, and it really doesn’t have to take that much time. But it does take dedication, and that’s why I am here to support you.   In this intensive I give you:  LIVE welcome + celebration call Daily emails with the protocol for the day Videos on some of my favorite practices for nourishing your sensuality Breast massage for greater activation of your heart space (and orgasms) Journal prompts to ignite contemplation on who you are as a sensual, embodied being Tips on reclaiming the affection towards your body  Tricks on identifying + blasting through resistance Guided mediations designed to bring you back into the receptive role for deeper sensual experiences + more passionate sex  A list of my favorite pleasure products  Music playlists to turn on your pleasure centers  LIVE group follow up call after the completion of the program Facebook group of like-minded womxn seeking the sensual life, too! **BONUS: Get my exclusive interview about how to be a sensual woman in this day and age + my personal story from trauma to becoming sensually alive.

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